Donation for Kumamoto Earthquake

Donation to support victims of fatal earthquake in Kumamoto and Oita, Japan

Air Craft will make a donation to support victims and reconstrunction of the affected area from devastating earthquakes occured and still continuing since April 14th, 2016. The first ever recorded fatal earth shock up to magnitude 7.3 at the area as well as more than 800 aftershocks caused 180,000 evacuees, crushed thounsands of homes and destroyed the local infrastructure. Aso mountain where is famous amoung RC users as a flight field for its beautiful landscape with lush greeneary have also been seriously damaged due to extensive landslide.

As Air Craft, which is located in Fukuoka near the epicenter but was not seriously suffered from the earthquake, decided to make a donation to support our neighbors. Air Craft will donate part of the profits from sales (both international and domestic sales). All of donation will be directly used for reconstrunction program.

We sincerely pray for the victims and those who lost their families and hope they will recover from the disaster as early as possible.


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