Japan’s safety rules on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

In September 2015, Japan aviation law was made a partial amendment and introduce safety rules on Unmanned Aircraft(UA)/Drone. This safety rules came into force on Dec. 10th 2015.

Effected as of 2015/12/10:

  • Machines, lighter then 200g does not require registration
  • Flying heavier than 200g machines inside DID area, require registration of the machine and the place, where you are flying. No need from registration outside of DID area. No need from machine registration for flying on already registered places.
  • Included in this 200g is only required minimum for the machine to fly - frame + motors + esc +propellers + flight controller + receiver + battery. FPV gear (camera, VTx, OSD, antenna) is not part of the calculation. So your total weight can be more than 200g.
  • You can fly only as far as you can see the machine with bare eyes - no binoculars, goggles etc.
  • You cannot fly above 150m (with even more restrictions around airports)
  • You cannot flight during the night hours
  • You cannot flight closer than 30m from people, building, cars etc.
  • You cannot transport hazardous materials
  • You cannot drop anything from the machine
  • You cannot fly above crowds during festivals and other events
  • Flying FPV require a spotter
  • Allowed frequencies for FPV in the 5.8GHz band - 5705(31ch), 5740(41ch), 5745(17ch), 5780(43ch), 5785(15ch), 5790(24ch), 5800(44ch)


Japan’s safety rules on Unmanned Aircraft(UA)/Drone

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In general, you can fly an U199 , under 200 gram drone in thickly housed area.

However, it depends on a local authority so we strongly suggest to check or confirm your local authority when you would fly.


To fly aircraft with FPV


To fly aircraft with FPV, amateur radio license is required if you would like to use 5.8GHz frequency for FPV in Japan.

Also, you have to submit an application to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications  to establish the radio station.


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