Hyperion Signal Loss Alarm, Discovery Device

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Product Description

Have you ever had to know when you’ve lost signal, or need to find your lost model in high grass before? Well, now Hyperion has your solution with this lightweight Signal Loss Alarm, and Discovery Finder Device.

Audible Buzzer Alarm will make your ear’s ring at an astounding 85db each.

And then, your receivers AUX channel monitors your signal strength and lets you know if your receiver “browns-out”, or looses signal altogether.

Never lose your model airplane, multirotor, quadcopter, or flying contraption ever again!



  • Input voltage range: 4.0~5.1V
  • Dual Buzzers: 85dB each
  • Size: 13*17*12mm
  • Weight: 4.5g


Note:When you use with SBECESC or BEC, please set BEC voltage within 5.1V to work alarm properly.

When you use batteries as power supply, please use 4cell NiMh4.8V、1 cell LiPo or 2 cell LiFe.

In the case using with Racing Drones, We confirmed this alarm would work properly when it is connected with PWM to receivers.


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