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Diatone Mini FPV Racer! Tyrant 180 PNF
Diatone Tyrant FPV Racer

Tyrant 180 is the latest v1.1 improved PDB design verison. The Tyrant 180 is designed to be fast, lightweight and tough.

Tyrant 180 Mini Race Multirotor v1.1 PNF w/o VTX (Green)

Tyrant 180 Features:
  • Super thick 4mm carbon fiber frame with integrated PDB
  • Naze32 REV6 Thin 6DF(B ) Flight controller,using MPU6500 Six-Axis,16M Flash (Black Box)
  • 20A 2~4S Lipo(7.4~14.8V)One shot hi-speed ESC(ESC
  • 600TVL Micro Camera (center horizontal resolution)
  • BX2204-2300KV Brushless Motor (CW/CCW)
  • Built-in alarm function
  • Built-in 5V&12V 2A BEC (Supply power for more equipment)
  • Power voltage detection function


FMS FireFly LED Night Flyer: Plug-n-Play
FMS FireFly LED Plane


The oversize wing area makes for a stable flying aircraft and gives the illusion of a much larger wing span than the 1100mm. The new and ingenious wingtip aileron design over the conventional aileron will surely make the FireFly a stand out. Using a new and quick wing attaching method allows you to assemble at the field and gets you in the air quickly. The FireFly comes equipped with a Metal landing gear that can absorb those less than perfect landings
  • 52 EPO Foaming Ratio: Alleviates the airplane weight, enabling a relatively easy flight.
  • Gogeous Color: Fifteen four-color lamp strips, four flash modes.
  • Oversized Wingspan: Extends the loiter period, enhancing the plane's identity.
  • Creative Wing Set: Innovative wingtip and aileron.
  • Metal Landing Gear Set: Resist hard landing with ease.
  • Oversized Tires: Mkae it possible to work on any surface.
  • Full Power: Allow some aerobatic maneuvers.
  • Long Flight Time: Allow more than 10 mins of flight.
  • Easy-to-Assemble: The simple structure keeps the whole assembling work down to 20 mins.


Hyperion DSMX Compatible Receivers. All Types: PPM, 3-Axis, Telemetry, Satellite, and more!

Hyperion DSMX Compatible 6-Channel Receiver

Hyperion DSMX Compatible 6-Channel Receiver w/ Satellite

Hyperion DSMX Compatible 8-Channel Receiver w/ Diversity & PPM output

Hyperion DSMX Compatible Satellite Receiver w/ Diversity

Hyperion DSMX Compatible 7-Channel Receiver w/ Diversity, Telemetry, & PPM

Hyperion DSMX Compatible 7-Channel Receiver w/ 3-Axis Stabilization

Hyperion DSMX Compatible Full Range Telemetry System (T-plug)

Hyperion DSMX Compatible Full Range Telemetry System (XT-60)

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* This is not a Horizon Hobbies DSMX™ product, and is not manufactured or endorsed by Horizon Hobbies LLC. DSMX™ are registered trademarks of Horizon Hobbies LLC.

1000TVL 1/3" FPV Camera (PAL/NTSC Selectable)

This 1000TVL FPV camera from Hyperion is the latest generation FPV enthusiast camera-of-choice. It is a compact color camera that is perfect for FPV with its extremely high-resolution 1000TVL output, it has been tuned following extensive testing primarily for FPV use and has fantastic light handling characteristics coupled with stunning color clarity.   


Adjustable Angle FPV Camera Mount for 1/3" Cameras (Black)

This Hyperion adjustable-angle FPV Camera mount is perfect for most 1/3inch FPV Cameras. The hardened plastic-composite design is extremely durable for even the hardest of crashes.


Hyperion FPV camera 1/3" Lens (no IR)

This is a 12mm threaded, 2.8mm lens that will fit the Hyperion 1000TVL FPV Camera, and most other common CCD cameras. 
This Camera lens does not come equipped with a Infrared (IR) Filter, maing this a suitable lens for low-light conditions.

FPV Camera 1/3" Lens - 2.1mm (160º FOV)
FPV Camera 1/3" Lens - 2.8mm (115º FOV)
FPV Camera 1/3" Lens - 3.6mm (85º FOV)

$4.95 each

Hyperion 5.8GHz Dipole Mini Whip 2.8dBi Antenna

5.8Ghz Dipole Mini Whip 2.8dBi Antenna (SMA)

5.8Ghz Dipole Mini Whip 2.8dBi Antenna (RP-SMA)

$4.95 each

5.8Ghz Dipole Mini Whip 2.8dBi 90º Antenna (SMA)

5.8Ghz Dipole Mini Whip 2.8dBi 90º Antenna (RP-SMA)

$4.95 each