ATLAS Digital Servos DS20 Series

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Hyperion ATLAS Digital Servos DS20 Series


Part Number: HP-DS20-**


Product Description

These are simply the best servos you can buy at any price, and a great value too.
Perfect centering, top ball bearings, tough CarbonPoly or all-Metal gear trains, Digital torque and precision, and full programmability all put the "control" back in your Radio Control!
Fully programmable for Speed, Deflection, Centering, REVERSE, and more.


  • Servo type: Fully programmable full size digital servo
  • Dimension: 40.0 x 19.5 x 37.8mm
  • Bearing: Double ball
  • Programmable: Yes-with free PC software connected via USB adapter (HP-HP-AT-PRGUSB)
  • Rotation in degrees: Adjustable 30 to 140 degrees total/ 90 degree default (45 each way)
  • Adjustable travel speed: Yes-1% to 100% of Rated Speed (100% default)
  • Maximum input voltage: Unloaded input voltage should never exceed 7.8V/ loaded input voltage max 6.25V


  • 0.23/0.18
  • Dynamic 10.4/11.7
  • Holding 20.9/23.5
  • Weight: 53g
  • Gear Train primary material: Metal


  • 0.17/0.13
  • Dynamic 7.0/8.2
  • Holding 14.0/16.4
  • Weight: 53g
  • Gear Train primary material: Metal

See Datasheet for Full Specifications and Programming Guide.



  • scott white

    I bought the DS20 FMD servos for my Jetmach 60 turbine trainer (Funsonic FS70 powered) in 2007, they still have zero slop after more than 100 flights and 7+ years of use and they used to cost more than they do today!! I would have to say these are awesom servos. I have been flying RC since 1986 and these are the best servos for the money I have ever had. Scott White

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