HD Long & Strong Horns.

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Hyperion HD Long & Strong Horns.


Part Number: HP-DSHORNHD-*



Product Description

Hyperion HD Long & Strong Horns are made in Korea from precisions molds, with material very high in fiberglass and carbon for extreme stiffness. The fit to servo shaft is especially accurate and tight, to insure zero slop in the control system. Included are two horn sizes.

  • Included
  • Two sizes(X and XL) are included in each package
  • 1 of each size double horn
  • 2 of each single horn
  • 6 pieces total
  • Fit
  • HP-DSHORNHD-F: Futaba/Hyperion/BlueBird/WayPoint or Compatible
  • HP-DSHORNHD-H: Hitec and Hitech compatible brands
  • HP-DSHORNHD-S: Sanwa/Airtronics/JR/KO and compatible brands.


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