The LDU (local data unit)

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The Hyperion LDU (local data unit)



Part Number: HP-EM2-LDU


Product Description

HP-EM2-LDU is an inexpensive alternative to the RDU unit, for bench testing.
It must be connected to the Emeter II during test runs.It has the full functionality of the RDU, except for the Height (altitude) indicator.


  • Dimensions: 31 x 26 x 13.4mm
  • Weight: 24g (according to wire length)
  • Can be used without Emeter
  • PC software required to read data (software is free)
  • Logs at bench while connected to Emeter or PC via USB Adapter (TI-PRGUSB)
  • Records to Emeter/PC: Current Voltage Watts
  • Option External Sensors: Temp1 2 and 3. Reliable Phase Tachometer for Brushless Motors.
  • Sample rates from 4 samples per second to 8 seconds per sample
  • Firmware upgradable by Emeter with SD card installed or by PC application
  • (logging with LDU direct to PC requires Emeter II Suite installation.)

See Manuals&Support for full specifications, more photos, and recommended items for completion.


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