Hi-Scale Aerobatic Spinners.

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Hyperion Hi-Scale Aerobatic Spinners. Very light and true-running; made of tough ABS plastic in a beautiful gloss finish. Available in RED. WHITE, and BLUE to match standard covering colors. Each spinner comes with two precision adapter rings to fit two sizes of collet adapters. SEE DETAILS.


Part Number: HP-SPAERO-**-*



Product Description

Finally! Props that have cut-outs large enough to fit your props. 32mm fits up to 11" E props, 40 and 52mm spinners up to 14" props, and the 63mm fits up to 19" prop depending on type, and even some 20" props.

For Hyperion ARF Aerobatic Models Use These Spinners

HP-AERO-32 (1.25")

HP-AERO-40 (1.6")
EDGE 540-10

HP-AERO-52 (2.0")
CAP232-25 3D
SU31-25 3D
EDGE 540-25 3D
YAK55SP-25 3D
Future 25-Class 3D models

HP-AERO-63 (2.5")
YAK54-40 3D
EXTRA 260 40e
Future 40-Class 3D models


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