Large Scale Spinners in standard "Classic" Shape.

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Large Scale Hyperion Spinners in standard "Classic" Shape.


Part Number: HP-SPSTAN-***-*


Product Description

Tough ABS plastic cones in a beautiful gloss finish, with true-running Balanced Aluminum Backplates. Available in RED. WHITE, and BLUE to match standard covering colors. Each spinner comes with two precision adapter rings to fit M8 and M10 shafts. 76mm fit Hyperion Yak54 and Extra260 120e models, and 102mm for Yak54 180

76mm (3"") weigh 57.2 grams
102mm (4"") weigh 101.6 grams

Notes: Suitable for Electric or hand-started Gas models. These spinners are factory balanced and in most cases need no further balancing. However, you must insure that your large propeller is near perfectly balanced, and very minor spinner cone balancing may be needed in rare cases


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