Heat-Reflective, Cushioned Wing Bags.

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Hyperion Heat-Reflective, Cushioned Wing Bags.


Part Number: HP-BAGWNG-**



Product Description

Hyperion Wing Bags are made from heat-reflective silver mylar plastic, with air cushioning. They protect your model from both impact damage, and from the heat of a summer day. Each Wing Bag has an air-cushion divider to separate the wing halves, and a divided space at the top of the bag to hold a wing joiner tube.

All edges are trimmed with double-stitched, heavy-duty cloth. The Wing Bag access flaps comes stitched with hook-and-loop strap fastener for easy opening and closing. Each bag can fit a range of models. For example, the BAGWNG-40 may fit models in the range of 25-class up to 70-class, or even some 90-class models. NOTE: ** BAGWING-120 and BAGWNG-180 include TWO wing bags. The main wing bag is sized as listed below. BAGWNG-010 is also included, to fit your removable Elevator halves and joiner tubes.

Wing Bag Dimensions in cm (AxBxC)

  • BAGWNG-010: 40x28x53.5
  • BAGWNG-040: 49x30x79
  • BAGWNG-090: 58x34x88
  • BAGWNG-120: 66x37x100
  • BAGWNG-180: 68x39x14



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