500 Scale Fuselage Tail Gear Plate

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500 Scale Fuselage Tail Gear Plate



Part Number: AL-HF5012


Product Description


Suitable for UH-60 500 scale fuselages (HF5006) and AH-1 500 Scale Fuselage (HF5007)



500 UH-60 Tail Torque Tube(L) x 1
500 UH-60 Tail Torque Tube(R) x 1
Socket button head self tapping screw(T2.6x8mm) x 5
500 Tail Rotor Shaft x 1
Bearing 684ZZ x 2(Φ4xΦ9x4mm)
Bearing MR128(Φ8xΦ12x2.5mm) x 2
500 Long Umbrella Gear(25T) x 1


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