500PRO Tail Torque Tube Unit

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500PRO Tail Torque Tube Unit


Part Number: AL-H50193


Product Description


Suitable for all 500 class machines



Metal plate(L) x 1
Metal plate(R) x 1
500 Metal tail unit set x 1
500 Tail rotor shaft assembly set x 1
Long umbrella gear/25T x 1(Φ18.5xΦ8x25.4mm)
Collar x 1(Φ10.5xΦ11.9x12.5mm)
Bearing MR128 x 2(Φ8xΦ12x2.5mm)
Bearing 684ZZ x 2(Φ4xΦ9x4mm)
Socket screw x 4(M2.5x6mm)
Socket screw x 1(M2.5x14mm)
Socket button head screw x 2(M2.5x19mm)
Vertical stabilizer mount x 1
I-shaped Arm x 1
Mount Link x 1
Bearing holder x 1(11.5x9x12.5mm )
Slider Shaft (M6) x 1(Φ4xΦ4.7x15.7mm)
Linkage ball A(M2x3.5) x 1(Φ4.75x8.18mm)
Bearing mount washer x 1(Φ6xΦ7.4x3mm)
Bearing FMR52ZZ x 6(Φ2xΦ5xΦ6x2.3mm)
Bearing MR106ZZ x 2(Φ6xΦ10x3mm)
Socket button head screw x 6(M2x4mm)


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