600E PRO Performance Booster

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600E PRO Performance Booster


Part Number: AL-H60G004XX


Product Description


Use for T-REX 600



600E PRO Feathering shaft x 1
Washer x 2(Φ5xΦ12x1mm)
Socket Screw x 2(M5x10mm)
F8-14M Thrust Bearing x 2(Φ8xΦ14x4.5mm)
Spindle Bearing Spacer x 2(Φ10xΦ13.8x0.4mm)
CNC Slant Thread Main Drive Gear M1/118T x 1
600E PRO Motor Mount x 1
600E PRO Motor Pinion Gear Mount x 1
Bearing MR126ZZ x 1(Φ6xΦ12x4mm)
Motor Pinion Helical Gear 14T x 1
Washer x 1(Φ6xΦ9x1mm)
M4 Set Screw x 2(M4x4mm)
Socket Screw x 4(M4x10mm)
M4 Washer x 4(Φ4xΦ8x1mm)
600E PRO Shapely Reinforcement Brace(left) x 1
600E PRO Shapely Reinforcement Brace(right) x 1
Socket Collar Screw x 8(M3x8mm)


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