Trinity 3-Axis Head Tracker Module

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Fat Shark Trinity 3-Axis Head Tracker Module



Part Number: FAS-HT-TRIV1


Product Description

Head tracking evolution has finally come to the point of true immersion. The Trinity is based on a 9DOF IMU to give you the absolute smoothest and most accurate full 3-Axis head tracker available. The Trinity utilizes a new vector algorithm that anticipates and maps real head motion in free space, providing a zero error rapid fluid motion. The 3-Axis (pan, tilt and roll) motion provides a natural sense of the environment to the point you forget you are still on the ground. Trinity is such a huge leap in technology it's hard to imagine how it could get any better.



  • Axis: 3 axis (Pan Tilt Roll)
  • Sensors: Magnetic compass/ Inertial accelerometer/ Gyroscope
  • IMU: 9 DOF (each sensor is 3 axis resulting in a 9 degrees of freedom)
  • Cased version: Available and bundled with 3 types of data cables for common radios

Operation notes

  • Head tracker initiates in pause mode. Head tracker reset button needs to be depressed and held to start camera motion.
  • Default range motion is normal. Your radio may support extended motion but may result in errant behavior.

*Note: This is a module for the Dominator or Attitude goggles, a stand alone system will soon be available.


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