OCTO 1200mm Folding Z-bended Frame

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Gryphon Dynamics, the highest-quality multicopter that is available on the market.


Part Number: GD-OT-1200FZ



Product Description

Gryphon Dynamics 1200mm Folding type with the new Z-bended frames.



  • Diameter: 1200mm (motor to motor)
  • Weight: 1820g
  • Center Frame Size: 240mm X 240mm

Recommended Equipment:

  • ESC: T-Motor 40A ESC (Part#: TM-ESCAIR40 / TM-T40A-PRO)
  • Motor: T-Motor MN4120 465KV Motor (Part#: TM-MN4120-465)
  • Propeller: T-Motor 16 x 5.4 Carbon Fiber Propeller Set (Part#: TM-PR160054)
  • Flight Controller: DJI A2 or MikroKopter FlightCTRL 2.5
  • Cameras: RED Epic, Canon 5D / C100
  • Battery: 6s LiPO with 10000+mAh

Suitable Camera Gimbals:

  • Freefly Systems: MoVi MR. 2 and 3 axis Cinestar gimbal
  • Photo Higher: Pro Mount 200, Halo 2000, Halo 3000
  • DJI: Zenmuse Z15

Items included in the Package:

  • Inner Arms x 4pcs
  • Outer Arms x 8pcs
  • Top Center Plate x 1pc
  • Bottom Center Plate x 1pc
  • Battery Tray x 2pcs
  • GPS Plate x 1pc
  • Boom Clamp Set x 4pcs
  • Cross Member x 16pcs
  • Hub Connector x 10pcs
  • Motor Mount Assembly x 8pcs
  • Rail Mount Assembly for Gimbal x 1pc
  • Hook-and-Loop strap fastener x 4pcs
  • Screws & Nuts

Items not included:

  • Landing Gear
  • Propellers
  • Electronic equipment


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