MultiOne 9.4x4.3 CarbonFibre CW/CCW Propeller Set

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Hyperion Multione - The things you need to complete your MultiRotor, made right, for a great price.


Part Number: M1-P094043CF


Product Description

Ideal for any Multi-rotor project! Extremely lightweight and durable, you can expect an increase in overall motor efficiency due to this marvel of a propeller, ultra-thin and stiff Carbon Fiber construction.



    • Length: 9.4Inch
    • Pitch: 4.3 Inch
    • Shaft Diameter: 6.0mm
    • Hub Thickness: 8mm
    • Rotation: Clockwise and Counterclockwise

Propeller Balance Notice:

    Carbon Fiber Propellers are handmade for extreme performance, therefore can be slightly unbalanced. We highly recommend that you balance any Carbon Fiber Propellers before use. Poor performance or unexpected flight characteristics could be due to an unbalanced propeller.


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