22/T: Brass Side Pod Ballast Weights, 18g each

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Part Number: AH-TLR331007


Product Description


Weight Ballast Adjustment - The additional weight out board slows down the roll movement allowing for an easier to drive and mellower which is especially advantageous on high traction surfaces like carpet or Astro Turf. It also allows for users with "Shorty LiPo's" to add easily add ballast to simulate running a full size or stick LiPo without having to re-position electronics or own multiple different battery packs.

Key Features

  • Easy Weight Ballast Adjustment
  • A screw boss has been added to the 22 side guards for the 22 2.0 that allows for the brass weight to be secured with a screw without fear of the weight coming loose
  • 18g is etched into each weight so it will always be easy to identify the ballast adjustment
  • The brass side pod weights, screws and revised Mud Guards with the screw boss are all included in the package for a one item purchase


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