AquaCraft Mini Wildcat RTR Electric Catamaran Orange

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Part Number: GP-AQUB47NN



Product Description

This cat's ready to pounce - with dual motor drive!

New modelers can jump right into R/C boat racing with the AquaCraft Mini Wildcat...and hard-wired hobbyists will enjoy it, too. Twin electric motors power it across the water, with little noise but lots of action - ideal for any neighborhood lake or pond.

TACTIC TTX300 3-Channel 2.4GHz Radio

Lightweight and comfortable, the TTX300 offers easy operation and some nice extras. Its third channel can be programmed to control any auxiliary function, including the operation of scale accessories. The combination receiver/ESC is waterproof and automatically creates an unbreakable transmitter/receiver link whenever you power up. Endpoint adjustments on the steering and throttle channels let you control how much each servo is allowed to move—a feature that protects gear trains and offers new drivers more control over the throttle. Variable rate steering helps, too, by allowing drivers the chance to fine-tune response to their skill or preference. Other features include: trims, an internal antenna and fast, easy push-button linking.

SLT (Secure LINK Technology):Dependability-protected by the SLT Protocol.


  • Dual water-cooled motors deliver speed and performance sure to catch the attention of every modeler on the water.
  • The combination of the mini wedge rudder between the twin props results in sharp, precise handling and balanced power delivery.
  • If your Mini Wildcat hits an underwater obstacle, the mini wedge rudder's breakaway features allows it to swing up to avoid damage and immediately snap back in place.
  • Hatch covers feature watertight seals to keep your onboard gear dry, but remove easily for quick battery changes.

The Mini Wildcat includes:

  • Finished, assembled ABS catamaran hull with transom water pickup
  • Factory-installed power system with:
    - Dual water-cooled AquaCraft T-270 motors
    - Waterproof combination receiver/ESC unit
    - Dual wire drive
    - (2) 30 mm FRP propellers
  • Tactic TTX300 3-Channel 2.4GHz SLT radio with mini steering servo
  • 7.2V, 1100mAh NiMH battery pack
  • 12V DC field charger
  • Display/Workstand



  • Length: 14.75 in (375 mm)
  • Beam: 5 in (127 mm)
  • RTR Weight: 16.9 oz (479 g)
  • Requires: (4) "AA" batteries


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