Rifle 1M EP Sport ARF

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Product Description

130+ MPH Adrenaline Rush!

The original, 31" span Great Planes Rifle scored big with pilots looking for fast, full-throttle fun…without needing expensive electronics and spending hours in the workshop prior to flight. This one-meter version offers a larger size for better handling and visibility, easier landings, improved gliding performance, and even faster speeds. It all adds up to a lot of adrenaline-pumping aircraft action!

The Rifle 1M can be flown with widely available, economical electronics. Removing the wing allows easy access to the spacious on-board compartment, which greatly simplifies installation of on-board components. A custom tool is also included for easy battery removal!
Factory-cut inlets and exits allow air to pass through the battery compartment and keep on-board electronics cool. The machined aluminum spinner is included as part of the model's hardware package.

The Rifle 1M features lightweight, durable fiberglass and foam composite construction. Its large, one-meter wing has broad black stripes on the bottom – helping you follow its orientation and stay cool and calm at the controls.
Final assembly requires very little time and effort. Both the wing and stabilizer bolt into place and align automatically. All control surfaces are factory-hinged.


  • Reaches 130+ mph (209 km/h) using the recommended "speed" power setup.
  • Optional "sport" setup reduces weight and power for regular sport flying and extended flight times, in a 90-100 mph (145-161 km/h) speed range.
  • Dual aileron servos simplify setup and increase precision – and allow the use of spoilerons with a computer radio for slower, shorter landing approaches.
  • Lightweight, unusually durable composite construction.
  • Carbon-fiber wing spar adds rigidity for bone-chilling, high-G pylon turns.
  • Low parts count and prehinged control surfaces offer fast, easy assembly.
  • Connectorless linkages provide security and simplicity.
  • Includes machined aluminum spinner and complete hardware.
  • Bright, high-visibility trim scheme.

Required to Complete

  • 4-5 channel radio(Tx, Rx)
  • 3 micro servos (HP-DS11-AMB x3)
  • 28mm brushless inrunner motor 3600Kv
  • 50A brushless ESC
  • Propeller APC 5.25 x 6.25 for 2S LiPo or 4.5 x 4.1 Speed 400 for 3S LiPo
  • 2S-3S 2200mAh LiPo battery
  • Compatible charger



  • Wingspan: 39.5 in (1000 mm)
  • Wing Area: 174 in² (11.2 dm²)
  • Weight Range: 25-28 oz (710-795 g)
  • Wing Loading: 20.7-23.2 oz/ft² (63-71 g/dm²)
  • Length: 30.5 in (775 mm)


WARNING: The Rifle 1M requires advanced flying skills and is not suitable for beginning or intermediate pilots. In the Speed Configuration at sea level it reaches 130+ mph (209 km/h) speeds - or 90+ mph (145 km/h) in the Sport Configuration - and should be flown only at the flying sites of AMA-chartered clubs. Because it can quickly disappear from sight, pilots should remain focused on the plane at all times.

FAA registration required


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