Hyperion Precision Hobby Knife (w/ #11 Stainless Steel Blade)

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Product Description

Now your hobby tool set just got complete with the Hyperion Precision Hobby Knife . This tool is similar to a X-Acto knife and allows you to hold like a pencil and give shape to your creativity. Features a knurled aluminum handle for better grip and a collet style quick change blade holder. The handle comes with one #11 blade pre installed so that you can use it right off and spare blades are available too. The #11 blade is a Triangular blade with sharp point, flat cutting edge parallel to the handle and flat back perfect for precision cutting, stripping, sharp angle cuts and also stencil cutting.


  • Knurled aluminum handle
  • Collet style Quick change blade holder
  • #11 Stainless steel blade pre installed

Included with the package:

  • Hyperion Precision Hobby Knife (w/ #11 Stainless Steel Blade) x 1



  • Material: Aluminum (Purple finish)
  • Handle Length: 145mm
  • Handle diameter: 8mm
  • Blade Angle: 30°


Note: Please ensure safety measures when using the knife, to avoid potential injuries.

Caution: This product contains sharp edge, Please keep away from children!


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