Hyperion #11 Stainless Steel Hobby Knife Blade Set (10pcs)

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Product Description

Hyperion #11 Stainless Steel Sculpting Blades, are made of hardened and tempered Stainless steel. Features a Triangular shaped blade with sharp point, flat cutting edge parallel to the handle and flat back. These blades are perfect for precision cutting, stripping, sharp angle cuts and also stencil cutting. The blades come in a convenient safe plastic case, serves as spares/replacement for use with the Hyperion Sculpting knife.


  • Hardened and tempered Stainless steel
  • Triangular shape with sharp point
  • 30° angle for sharp cutting
  • Convenient & Safe Plastic protection case

Included with the package:

  • Hyperion #11 Stainless Steel Hobby Knife Blade Set (10pcs) x 1



  • Material: Tempered Stainless Steel


Note: Please ensure safety measures when using the knife, to avoid potential injuries.

Caution: This product contains sharp edge, Please keep away from children!


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