T-28/P-51D/Extra 300/F4F: SV80 Long Lead Servo

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Air Craft, your Horizon Hobby authorized distributor in Japan


Part Number: AH-PKZ1081


Product Description

Key Features

  • The Spitfire Mk IX uses this servo for its Aileron controls
  • Approximately 400mm lead length
  • Plastic Gear

Compatible Products

ParkZone SV80 Long Lead Servo: T-28/P-51D/Extra 300/F4F PKZ1081 is compatible with EFL4450, EFL4950, EFL4975, EFL5850, EFL5875, EFL6750, EFL6775, EFL6850, EFL6875, HBZ3100, HBZ3180, HBZ7900, HBZ7900E, HBZ7980, HBZ8200, HBZ8280, HBZ8600, HBZ8680, PKZ1800, PKZ1880, PKZ1975, PKZ1980, PKZ2200, PKZ4400, PKZ4475, PKZ4480, PKZ4600, PKZ4675, PKZ4975, PKZ4980, PKZ5075, PKZ5080, PKZ5120S, PKZ5175, PKZ5180, PKZ5275, PKZ5375, PKZ5380, PKZ5475, PKZ5480, PKZ5575, PKZ5580, PKZ5775, PKZ5780, PKZ5875, PKZ5880, PKZ5975, PKZ5980, PKZ6075, PKZ6080, PKZ6100, PKZ6180, PKZ6250, PKZ6350, PKZ6375, PKZ6680, PKZ6875, PKZ6880, PKZ6975, PKZ6980, PKZ7075, PKZ7080, PKZ7150


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