Speed Blade (1 Blade) for Hub 12C

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Vario-Prop Speed Blade (1 Blade) for Hub 12C



Part Number: VP-12C-PROP-D***


Product Description

VarioProp Hub & Blade Systems give you 2, 3, and 4-blade configurations with an ingenious system for adjusting blade pitch in the hub. HUB 12C weighs 22 grams on average and allows adjustment from 4 to 16 inches of pitch.
The 12 HUB comes with an 8mm center hole, and can therefore be directly mounted on any motor or gearbox with 8mm shaft, such as Hacker ACRO Series, or AXI 41xx Series using Radial mount, etc... There are also collet adapters in sizes 4.0mm, 5.0mm, and 6.0mm.
These come in "standard" length, which can fit the VarioProp Spinner Nut, or "long" type to allow fitting a spinner. Any spinner with 8mm hole and backplate which mounts from the front of the prop can be used with the long collets.

The "Speed" blades for 12C-sized hubs are particularly intended for high rpm.


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